Why Work Here

Zurbarán Abogados combines the best professional practices in the different areas of specialization and the dissemination of knowledge and acquired experience to promote a dynamic, updated, and efficient, professional environment.

Our lawyers focus on keeping our professional practice in line with the changes that are taking place in society, and we have genuine specialists in areas of growing relevance such as Environment, Energy, and Urban Planning, among others.

In addition, many of our professionals are directly linked to the academic and university world, both at a teaching and professional level. At Zurbarán Abogados, we are firmly committed to young talent, sharing the knowledge of active professionals in the classroom, and offering a space for new generations to develop the first steps of their careers in the firm.

Student Internships

In accordance with the firm’s desire to disseminate information, Zurbarán Abogados has signed collaboration agreements with various universities in Spain to receive undergraduate and Master’s degree students studying law, economics, or business, to carry out their professional internships in one of the firm’s offices.

The most frequent collaborating educational institutions are:

And particularly in the city of Seville, our members and associates collaborate closely with all university institutions, positioning us as a leader in training expert lawyers at the local level in this city.


The lawyers at Zurbarán Abogados not only work to achieve the best legal practices in the different areas of practice but also favor an environment of continuous training with the firm objective of generating a feedback circle of knowledge. Thus, the firm’s professionals participate as speakers in informative seminars, webinars, and forums and in teaching different courses, workshops, and master’s degrees.

Pro bono

Zurbarán Abogados collaborates closely with the Pro Bono Foundation. This non-profit organization seeks to promote and coordinate the work and culture of pro bono services in Spain, to promote its objectives, and facilitate access to law and justice to social groups for which this is, in many cases, inaccessible.

In this way, the firm’s professionals contribute voluntarily to developing best practices, building a space for exchange and instruction to implement and arrange Pro Bono work most efficiently and effectively.

Work With Us

If you wish to join the team of professionals at Zurbarán Abogados, please send us your application, attaching your Curriculum Vitae (CV), using the following form. Our team will evaluate future opportunities based on the needs of each area, legal department, or administrative management.

Important: The document with the Curriculum Vitae (CV) must be in PDF format and not exceed 3 MB in size.

    Our firm has a strong vocation for dissemination and continuous training. Our associates and professionals boast an extensive professional career that has allowed them to deal with complex and relevant matters in the legal sector.

    At our firm, you will be able to learn from great professionals and participate in first-level issues., You will be in contact with the university and be able to contribute to charitable projects through the Pro Bono Foundation.

    From the start, you will work closely with our associates and participate in essential client matters. You will be able to develop and enhance your skills, as well as gain professional exposure. In return, we will ask for commitment and responsibility.

    You will also have the best technological and computer resources to help you in your day-to-day professional life.

    We are looking for Law graduates who are:

    • Committed and responsible, who know how to apply common sense and have a clear vocation of service and passion for our profession.
    • Have a good academic record and sound legal knowledge capable of applying it to resolving sometimes very complex problems.
    • People interested in continuing education.
    • Attentive to current events and the world around us today.
    • Good communication skills.
    • Cheerful and proactive.

    At any time. Our selection process is open all year round and will be evaluated according to the needs in each case and depending on the candidate’s profile.

    You can submit your application by filling out the form you will find on the website. Be sure to update your CV accordingly and ensure it is not too long (two pages are usually sufficient), clearly indicating your training, including details of dates, professional experience, and languages you speak.

    If you cannot come to an office, we can consider interviewing through videoconference.

    A former candidate who has studied for competitive examinations has made a great effort and sacrifice, probably for years. We value the legal knowledge acquired during your training and what you can bring to the firm in the performance of your work. In this regard, we are particularly interested in candidates who have studied for competitive examinations.