Areas of Practice


The intervention of our Litigation Department begins in the pre-litigation phase, analyzing the client’s interests in each case, outlining by mutual agreement the strategy to achieve those interests, and advising on an eventual agreement that will end the controversy. In cases where it is impossible to resolve conflicts out of court or by agreement, and it is necessary to resort to litigation, the Department is responsible for organizing with the client and executing the most appropriate and effective defense for each case.

Our services include the defense of the client’s interests in proceedings before the civil and commercial jurisdiction, such as in matters of compliance or termination of contracts, civil liability claims, industrial and intellectual property, unfair competition, etc.

We also have a team dedicated to criminal law to defend the client’s interests in proceedings in this area, especially in crimes of an economic, corporate, land use planning, or tax nature.

On the other hand, the Litigation Department handles all types of banking litigation (floor clauses, swaps, bonds, preferred shares, etc.), representing clients and financial institutions.