Areas of Practice

Tax Law

We focus our services on facilitating compliance with the tax obligations of companies and individuals, seeking to optimize their fiscal situation. To this end, our Tax Department provides advice on all tax matters, either regularly or by implementing specific solutions according to the client’s specific needs at any given time.

On the one hand, we provide general tax services, advising on the operations inherent to the ordinary activity of the company and corporate operations and business restructuring, advising on their design and optimizing the taxation derived from them. We also advise family businesses seeking to obtain the tax benefits provided for in their ownership and transfer.

On the other hand, concerning specific transactions, we advise on indirect taxation in relation to indirect taxes such as VAT or ITPAJD. We also have extensive experience in related party transactions and transfer pricing, assisting the client in the analysis of comparability and assessing them.

In addition, the Tax Department assists the client in contentious tax matters, providing advisory services in management procedures, tax inspections, and sanctioning procedures, as well as in appeals derived from the client’s litigation with the Tax Administration.