Three law firms in Spanish merger

New entity called Zurbaran Abogados created by the joining together of the firms Zamora de Claver, Cuellar Abogados and RZS Abogados.

The new firm has eight partners and a total of 65 professionals, including lawyers and economists. Zamora de Claver has offices in Madrid, Zaragoza and Sevilla, while Cuellar Abogados and RZS are both based in Sevilla.

€11m combo

The combined revenue of the new entity will be around €11 million. Cuellar Abogados is managed by the brothers Miguel and Adolfo Cuellar Portero, while RZS Abogados was founded by Jeronimo Zamora Lopez and Javier Romero Martínez-Canavate. Zamora de Claver is managed by partners Javier Romero Iribas and Angel Zamora Gonzalez de la Pena. Also joining the new firm are Ricardo Astorga Morano and Jose Manuel Garcia-Quilez, who were partners at the Andalusian firm Montero and Aramburu.

‘boutique of boutiques’

Javier Romero Martínez-Canavate said all partners are ‘very excited’ with the project while director of the firm, Ricardo Astorga explained all partners have known each other for more than 25 years, and four of them are professors in the commercial law department of the University of Seville. Jeronimo Zamora said they will maintain their values as a ‘boutique’ office, made up of a few highly specialized professionals offering their clients direct and exclusive treatment. Ricardo Astorga said, ‘we are a boutique of boutiques.’

Fuente: Three law firms in Spanish merger. The Global Legal Post. 18 febrero 2019 (enlace).